In partnership with The Center for Environmental Futures Emerald Earth Film Festival, we are hosting a hybrid festival!!

April 15th to April 24th, 2022!

Join us for an exploration of our commitment to each other and the environment

Journey and be witness to diverse cultures, traditions, species, beauty, adventure, ecosystems, sustainable practices,
and resistance efforts to protect our planet
Envision a world that honors and celebrates voices, perspectives, experiences, and indigenous ways of knowing from around the world

April 15-April 22 films online - free & accessible to a global audience
April 22-April 24 in-person Broadway Metro, Eugene OR

Opening Receptions

Friday April 15th [online]
w/Mignon Geli & Mountain Lion Padilla
Friday April 22nd [in-person]
w/Ricardo Cardenas

2022 Film Directory

April 15th to April 24th

Schedule & Festival Information

April 15th - 24th

2022 Sponsors