The 2021 Film Festival has been Postponed to Spring 2022

Please Check Back!

Join us for an exploration of our commitment to each other and the environment

Journey and be witness to diverse cultures, traditions, species, beauty, adventure, ecosystems, sustainable practices,
and resistance efforts to protect our planet
Envision a world that honors and celebrates voices, perspectives, experiences, and indigenous ways of knowing from around the world

2021 Film Festival Info Coming Soon!
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Opening & Closing Receptions

Friday October 2nd - Saturday October 10th

2020 Films Directory

October 2nd - 11th

Panel Discussions

Saturday & Sunday October 3rd and 4th

It's a Buffalo Thing

Special Event!!

The 2020 Virtual Buffalo Field Campaign

The Eugene Environmental Film Festival is proud to present the return of the Buffalo Field Campaign roadshow! 

For the last 20 years, the Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) has performed a live roadshow to bring the fight to protect the last wild bison across the country. This year the BFC is doing a virtual road show with music, storytelling, and entertainment to raise awareness of the plight, protection, and love of the remaining wild buffalo!

Tune in to learn about the issues affecting the Yellowstone herds, volunteering on the front lines, and many other ways you can get involved to help the buffalo. The show features exclusive footage of the central herd during the rut (mating season), and Mignon Geli’s flute performance played to a buffalo audience. BFC’s co-founder, Mike Mease, tells us true buffalo stories, talks about the issues and gives a personal and unique tour of BFC headquarters. Share with friends, family, social media and ask us about hosting your own showing!

Watch the 2020 Virtual Roadshow! (left top link!) For more information or to get involved see below!

In Solidarity!

Climate change is intensifying natural disasters such as wildfires, making them increasingly devastating. The 2020 Oregon wildfire season was one of the most destructive on record in the state of Oregon, greatly impacting folx most marginalized. 

Causa works to improve the lives of Latino immigrants and their families in Oregon through advocacy, coalition building, leadership development, and civic engagement. 

Causa is responding to community needs around the Oregon wildfires. All funds donated will be used to purchase emergency supplies for immigrant Oregonians who have been evacuated or lost their homes due to the wildfires

Thank you for your donations!!! You helped to raise over $500.00 for wildfire relief for immigrant families!

2020 Sponsors

Want to make your film festival experience complete?

For those of you in the Eugene, OR area, the Broadway Metro will deliver fresh popcorn, sweets, and growlers of your favorite draft beverages to your doorstep 7 days a week! Deliveries are made between 5pm-7pm nightly, and orders must be placed by 4:30pm 
Curbside pickup is also available