Youth Films

Youth films are free & open to the public. These will be showing at Lane Community College Downtown Campus beginning at 3:15pm on Saturday October 5th in Room #113.

A Day at the Beach
Directed by Marley Rankin (2019, 1 minute)
unnamed a day at the beach
A look into the plausible future of our environment following three unsuspecting teens on a lighthearted beach vacation.

Credit 1
Directed by David Murillo Galiano (2017, 4 minutes)

Life can sometimes feel monotonous and repetitive, but we must not make the mistake of confusing it with a game…

Ince Ka Mogetun (I Too Was Reborn)
Directed by: Aypi Llacolen Ancan Naipio, Mónica Luisa Ancan Naipio, Ayelen Atton Cayuqueo, Silvia Calfuqueo Lefio, Leufu Kvyen Calfuqueo Painefil, Ayen Alhe Contreras Calfuqueo, Kajfv Malen Contreras Calfuqueo, Julio José Contreras Calfuqueo, Matias Curitol Calfuqueo, Awkan Kvrvf Espinel Chehuin, Ivonne González Monsalve, Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier, Daniela Naipio Freire, Nawel Painefil Vejar, Martin Perez Painefil, Aukyn Rain Ancan, Carolina Trayen Rain Ancan, Lihuen Rain Ancan, Juan Rain Blanco, Ale Margarita Rain Soto (2018, 8 minutes)
CHI19_jovenes-et-equipe-eccm-2019eccm INCE KA MOGETUN_300DPI
Through the voice of a young girl, Ince Ka Mogetun tells of the courage of a Mapuce family, whose members decided to change their life’s course. They returned to their source, reconnecting with the spirit forces of the land. From that moment, they began thinking, acting and feeling in harmony with the natural world that surrounds them.

Kvpalme (The Origin)
Directed by: Escuela de Cine y Comunicación Mapuche del Ayja Rewe Budi (2019, 13 minutes)
CHI19_jovenes-et-equipe-eccm-2019eccm KVPALME_300DPI
Harmony has been broken. The Mapuce people have been stripped of their territory. In search of their origin, a group of young people live, defend and share kvmun (knowledge). In the voices of their Elders, they extend and deepen their roots.

The Adventures of Zack and Molly
Directed by Jim Toomey (2018, 11 minutes)

Zack is more interested in the small world of his smart phone than the larger world around him. His online request for a roommate is answered by Molly, a tech-savvy dumbo octopus on a mission to tell the world about the importance of the deep ocean. Molly wants to use Zack’s apartment for her global communications headquarters, but Zack is skeptical. To win Zack over, Molly takes him to her deep ocean home in the Gulf of Mexico to see its unique features and diverse marine life, and to help him understand how human activities threaten its health.

Tire Swing
Directed by: Gabriel Giaquinto (2019, 2 minutes)
f10a136031-headshot 2c6d81962b-poster
Written and Directed by 8 year-old Gabriel Giaquinto…Hot in winter, snowy in summer…A little boy, frustrated with climate change hilariously attempts to stop it by dismantling his father’s car.

Under the Sea
Directed by Phoenix Harris-Freeth & Matt Harris -Freath (2018, 1 minute)
under the sea
A short environmental film about plastic in our oceans, using a mixture of live-action and simple stop motion animation. Made by a 4 year old and his family for a school project.