Running time: 3 minutes - Language: Spanish w/English subtitles - Year: 2019

Film Summary

Ana is a young woman who reflects on the meaning of the verb eat and what we are and have been based on what we eat. Ana tells us that, “It is the history of humanity that we eat. It is the people’s struggle that we digest in each food. Conquests, defeats, miscegenation mix in our digestive tract. Textures, fabrics, flavors, smells are the resounding witnesses of the way we devour our ancestors through food.”

Category: Experimental


Alberto Zúñiga Rodríguez

Alberto Zúñiga Rodríguez received a Master in Audiovisual Production (Complutense of Madrid University). He is a director, producer, publisher and postproducer with more than 20 years of experience. In 2000 Alberto founded the production company, Sinestesia Ads Media & Films, which has produced films, television and video, many of which have been accepted into film festivals around the world. He has produced two feature-length documentary films, RUPESTRE is his first feature film as a director and AT THE OUTSKIRTS his 2nd feature.