Wild Farms


Running time: 54 minutes - Language: French w/English subtitles - Year: 2020

Film Summary

A revolution is brewing in the countryside. Farmers are talking to birds, fraternizing with foxes and badgers, playing host to migrating birds, cohabiting with turtles and bats, welcoming weeds as well as all the unwelcome, unnecessary and supposedly harmful ‘nature’, which conventional agriculture methods have sought to wipe out with the help of pesticides for the last fifty years.

Category: Agriculture/Food Justice


Thierry Robert

Thierry Robert has got a great knowledge of all the grounds of adventure in the world. Profoundly humanist, he committed himself for years beside great expeditions: Magnetic North Pole in 1997 with French explorer Arnaud Tortel. 2 years later, he signs with him the film THE GRAND CROSSING (Gédéon Programmes) in 2000, 7 international Awards including Best Film in New York Film Festival. He works for the main French documentary production companies, mainly with France Televisions Network and many international TV channels.

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