When the Snow Melts

United Kingdom

Running time: 18 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

Film Summary

Tucked away in the remote Scottish Highlands, Alan and Fiona Stewart have a very special way of life, running their sleddogs from the backdoor and into the Cairngorm mountains. For years they have run the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre, offering unique experiences for the public to enjoy. For the Stewarts, it’s not just a sport, it’s a way of life. In this documentary, they take us on a journey through their lives as sleddog owners. However, as the winters become warmer, can they cope with the changing climate?

Category: Outdoor Adventure


James Stevens

Brought up surrounded by the idyllic Cotswolds, United Kingdom, James Stevens has been hooked on the natural world from a young age. He has credits in TV including wildlife programs for the BBC, however, he also undertakes independent film work too. The global state of nature needs drastically improving and protecting so James has turned his attention to stories which have roots in conservation, environmental issues and the climate. This brought him to making When the Snow Melts and Conserving Sumatra. James has further plans for independent films in Mongolia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea and Canada.

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