Way to Go!

United States

Running time: 9 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2019

Official Trailer

Film Summary

f you’ve ever hiked in the woods, you probably know the rule, “Leave No Trace.” “Way to Go!” tells the story of Mt. Shasta’s sun-powered composting toilet and the local volunteers who maintain it, keeping poop invisible and sweet at 7,900 feet. Shot on location, “Way to Go” brings whimsy to an environmental threat we don’t like to think about: human waste.

Category: Outdoor Adventure


Kathy Roselli

For me filmmaking is a vital creative outlet. When asked about my passion, I like to say “Some people paint, I like to tell visual stories through film.” I have produced and directed award- winning short documentaries focusing on personal stories that touch on universal themes. My (mostly short) films have been accepted into numerous festivals around the country. I have appreciated meeting creative and skillful women editors to collaborate with throughout my self-funded filmmaking adventures. Special thanks to Patricia Somers who helped me create K-Rose Productions’ latest film, “Way to Go!”