Voices on the Road


Running time: 14 minutes - Language: English & Spanish w/English subtitles - Year: 2019

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Film Summary

Deep in the remote Peruvian Amazon a road is quietly destroying a protected rainforest, causing conflict and fear. But for some indigenous communities, desperate for change, it is also bringing hope. The road is cutting through a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Manu Biosphere Reserve, and opening it up to the outside world. Many indigenous communities are struggling to live in this ‘paradise’ and the road brings the promise of a better life. But at what cost?

Category: Environmental Racism/Justice


Bethan John

A freelance multimedia journalist, Bethan specialises in biodiversity conservation and social justice. She’s passionate about leading adventurous expeditions to unearth stories on the complex social, economic and environmental issues facing marginalised communities living in some of the most biodiverse places on Earth.


Eilidh Munro

A conservation filmmaker, Eilidh has been working in the Amazon for the last few years, capturing rare animal behaviour and species new to science. In 2018, she became an Explorer with the Scientific Exploration Society and received the Neville Shulman Explorer Award for Expedition Filmmaking.