Running time: 15 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2019

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Film Summary

Vancouver is a green city and Vancouverites love to do the right thing. We recycle, compost and dispose of our garbage appropriately but what if we went beyond recycling? Trashless focuses on The Sustainable Lock Up, an inspirational organisation that accepts materials from the Vancouver Film and TV industry that may otherwise end up in the landfill. Trashless follows office Supplies, set pieces, props, clothes, furniture and even food that are donated to local groups including a Women’s Transition House, Minimal Barrier Shelters and an Art Exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver.

Category: Sustainability


Rachael Dudley

Rachael Dudley is a British filmmaker with a passion for documentaries that spark change. With over 12 years experience in film and television production, Rachael has numerous credits spanning UK and Canada, where she now resides.


Arwen Hunter

Arwen Hunter has been working professionally in Canada’s film and television industry for over fifteen years. She has produced documentaries and documentary series for networks including History Television, Lifetime Network, CBC North and Victoria’s CHEK TV and her projects have screened and sold around the world. She also wrote, directed, filmed and edited many of these projects.