The Stork Saviours


Running time: 26 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2019

Official Trailer

Film Summary

This documentary follows the initiatives of conservation biologist Purnima in two villages in Assam and her quest to involve community women in saving an endangered bird. The film cuts across many themes from women’s empowerment to wildlife conservation, a story out of India that must be told. We hope to create awareness about a bird that was once considered as ‘ugly’ and dirty because of its scavenging habits. We hope the audience walks away fascinated about the biology and natural behaviour of the bird. Most importantly we want to tell the story of a woman biologist and the challenges she faces in conservation and how she overcomes these to achieve her goal.

Category: Natural Environment


Vijay Bedi & Ajay Bedi

Vijay Bedi and Ajay Bedi world renowned wildlife filmmakers & photographers. They are is infact the youngest Asians to have won the Wildscreen Awards at Bristol, UK, also known as the Green Oscars for their films – “The Policing Langur“ and “Cherub of the Mist”. They are the only Indians to have been nominated for the highest awards in Television- the Emmy Awards. Recently they have won three national award for their film which is considered the Indian equivalent of the American Academy Awards which are given by President of India.