The Lack of Sustainability and Crippling Effects of Fast Fashion

United States

Running time: 14 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

Film Summary

The Lack of Sustainability and Crippling Effects of Fast Fashion investigates the crippling and harmful effects of the fast fashion industry. Many in this industry never realize and continue to take part in the consumption process, idolizing quantity over quality of garments. Fast Fashion and the production process destroys freshwater resources as well as other natural resources in the United States and abroad. [Student Film]

Category: Sustainability


Victoria Buddie

Victoria Buddie is 22 years old, an identical twin, and from San Diego, California. She began developing a love for film, in high school and pursued her passion for it in college. In 2016, she committed to Adrian College, in Adrian, Michigan for Synchronized Skating to compete on behalf of Team USA. She skated two years at her college for their Senior Team USA team, and then her Junior and Senior year, commuted from college 4-5 times a week to the Senior Team USA Dearborn Crystallettes. She was a 2x Silver international medalist, 1x Bronze medalist (Trophy D’Ecosse Scotland & Spring Cup Italy), and a 2x U.S Synchronized Skating National Senior Bronze medalist. (2019, 2020 – Crystallettes). 

Throughout her college career, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Spanish and minored in Journalism. Victoria has a passion for empowering the delivery of a message, and as a young influential courageous female, she feels that her passion goes beyond creating films, but telling a story, and helping people of all backgrounds recognize that there is a purpose in life beyond ourselves. In 2018, her and her twin sister won the Honorable Mention Award for the Michigan Association of Broadcasting for their short film, ‘Distance’.