The Homestead


Running time: 15 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2021

Film Summary

The Homestead follows Donovan and Lisa Kitt as they try to establish a new organic farm. They both grew up on Organic farms and are hoping to prove that a new farm project is still possible in the world of high land prices in northern Alberta, Canada. The film follows Donovan and Lisa through several seasons as they begin a family and face the challenge of making their dreams reality.

Category: Agriculture/Food Justice


David McGregor

David McGregor is a filmmaker and artist from Goodfare, Alberta. He works as a Director and Cinematographer in experimental video, documentary, and narrative video and film. His work focuses on themes of memory and the subtle moments that shape our lives. He has worked on film projects with Guy Maddin, Peter Von Tiesenhausen, as well as contributing to independent documentaries and short films.

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