The Energy of Love

United States

Running time: 10 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2019

Eugene Environmental Film Festival

Film Summary

In late summer 2019, in response to the intentionally set fires in the Amazon, indigenous community leaders from the New York & New Jersey area gathered in Manhattan and Brooklyn to perform healing rituals. 

The Energy of Love is a short documentary that tells the story of how the pure form of Chocolate (Theobroma Cacao) revives in modern society as “the Food of the Gods” with its divine message of unconditional love. This sacred food has been revered by ancient civilizations in Meso-America for thousands of years. Featuring Cacao Ceremony guide, Florencia Fridman, we explore how communities in NYC gathered in ceremony to express their message of living in Peace and unconditional Love, while exploring how our current disconnection is no longer sustainable for the future of humanity.


Category: Indigenous Rights


America Maldonado

America Maldonado is an   independent filmmaker   born in Venezuela. She   develops   Documentaries   based in  powerful subjects   that are helping to   improve societies around    the world. Her enthusiasm and her powerful story telling give a voice to those  in search of new  ways of living and  showing  paths of connection for a  humanity living in harmony  with our planet.