Sounding the Alarm: America’s Climate Crisis

United States

Running time: 18 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2021

Film Summary

“It’s really hard being a fire family. Every day it’s getting worse.” -Brett, wife of Marin County Battalion Chief in California. Every day, Americans who live close to the land and sea face the dangers of climate change—from a firefighter in California, to a beekeeper in Arizona, to a climate refugee losing her home in Florida. The changing climate affects our food systems, water and way of life. These American families are in the trenches sacrificing everything while facing depression, PTSD, and suicide—collateral damage of a crisis unchecked. Award-winning filmmaker, Peter Goetz, captures America’s faces and voices, shot in 2020 leading up to the presidential election. Goetz and the Biden campaign made history, producing the first national climate spot to run during a presidential election. But this film dives deeper into the American climate crisis to explore the lives of the people who are sounding the alarm, worried about their grandchildren’s future, asking, ‘If not us, then who?” This is a story of the resilience, perseverance, and ingenuity of the American people. Ever hopeful, they collectively take on a common enemy. As the young, Navajo solar visionary Brett Issac insists, “We’ve got to turn this train around before it’s too late.”


Category: Climate Justice


Peter Goetz

Peter Goetz is a film & television director, producer, and EP with two decades of international experience creating documentary feature films. After traveling to over 80 countries, Peter is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. He is committed to developing and producing compelling content with a purpose. Peter believes that storytellers have a distinct responsibility to bring entertaining, authentic stories to the screen. Last year, he produced HBO’s Torn Apart: Separated at the Border with Oscar-winning director Ellen Goosenberg. He also joined forces with Fisher Stevens, Mark Monroe, Sebastian Junger, and Nick Quested for a National Geographic feature documentary, Blood on the Wall, airing September 2020. Goetz gained access to the drug cartels, immigrant caravans, and courageous Mexican photo-journalists, laying their lives on the line for their story. Goetz believes that with such a polarized news cycle, documentary films are the best medium to implement concrete, positive change. His mission is to tell stories that challenge audiences to question their perception of reality, create empathy, and empower them to take action.

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