Small Footprints: Crafting an Ecolodge in Wild Alaska

United States

Running time: 40 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

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Film Summary

In 2008, a sustainable development project began in the middle of the Kenai Fjords of Alaska, 3 hours by boat from the nearest port of civilization. Told from the points of view of crew members, project coordinators and the Native Alaskan corporation that owns the land itself, the film is both a celebration of and a blueprint for sustainable construction, as well as an exciting battle against time and the elements deep within wild Alaska.

Category: Sustainability


James Daggett

James Daggett has been making films since he was eight years old, and from early on has been drawn to the format of documentary. He co-directed “Catherine’s Kindergarten”, a forthcoming documentary about a mother’s journey to heal after the passing of her daughter, but “Small Footprints” is his first foray into the realm of eco-minded filmmaking. He hopes to have a long career in the world of environmental documentaries, and is excited to get his directorial debut out into the world.

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