Rise From the Cape Flats

South Africa

Running time: 10 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

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Film Summary

Rise From the Cape Flats is a film about how Shamier Magmoet, a Muslim man living in “the most dangerous community in South Africa,” discovered the ocean after 35 years, just a short distance away from his community and how it changed his life. The film depicts how his diving in the “Great African Sea Forest,” experiencing its “magical world of peace, beauty and life,” devoid of the daily gunfire and violence he was used to, compelled him to protect it and inspire others to do the same. He now leads kids there to experience the ocean in order to both fall in love and want to protect it and learn to rise above difficulties with hard work.

Category: Environmental Racism/Justice


Shamier Magmoet

Shamier Magmoet lives in the heart of the notorious Cape Flats in Cape Town South Africa. After recently discovering the ocean, at the age of 35, he now does everything in his power to advocate for positive change within his community through education and affording the youth the chance to experience the ocean, becoming advocates and protectors thereof. He (our Director) is an avid Freediver, first time filmmaker and Ocean Conservationist and co founder of a NPO SEATHEBIGGERPICTURE Ocean Initiative.

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