Peloton Against Plastic

Viet Nam

Running time: 85 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2019

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Film Summary

Award winning film – The Peloton Against Plastic is a bicycle ride that aims to share the stories of people combating the plastic pollution problem around the globe. The Peloton’s first trip took place in 2018 and travelled from Hanoi to Bangkok. Paul and Jamie met grassroots groups like Plastic Free Cambodia, Rehash Trash, Clean and Green Vietnam and Live and Learn Vietnam, and other proactive locals who told us their ideas, thoughts and plans to beat plastic. We interviewed them about projects and generally captured what they had to say. We also did our best to avoid single use plastic which led to some very comical situations and behavioural insights.

Category: Sustainability


Jamie Lepre

Jamie Lepre is an Australian indigenous film director and a playful caretaker of the planet. He is passionate about using his experience in the film industry to create positive change socially and environmentally through the art of film and performance. A master of short form with accolades including global renowned celebration for his work for Greenpeace Australia, this is his first time moving in the long form documentary space.


Paul Hellier

Paul is the Founder of Fair Food Forager and is passionate about the plastic issue. He has travelled extensively throughout SE Asia and with his app, will list businesses in the region reducing their impact on the environment, helping conscious travellers find more sustainable options. He’s done a few bike rides like this and is ready to get going.

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