Our Trails Too

United States

Running time: 31 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2019

Film Summary

In one of the whitest cities in the USA, a queer African American woman disrupts the outdoor adventurer stereotype. Portland, Oregon is an epicenter of natural beauty and outdoor recreation; however, marginalized folx don’t feel nearly as welcome in outdoor spaces as cis-het, thin white people do. What feels special about Mercy’s leadership goes beyond her audacious drive. Her work to transform the outdoors is community-focused and – by design – it’s a subversion of the oppressive structures within which we exist.

Category: Outdoor Adventure


Liz Haan (right)

“Our Trails Too” is Liz’s directorial debut. They bring to this project a strong creative spirit and an unyielding commitment to honoring the identities and experiences of those at the center of this story.

Prior to filmmaking, Liz was a community organizer. It’s from those experiences that they learned how to ask interesting questions and to engage meaningfully through active listening. As a director, Liz is motivated by their endless yearning to connect with people deeply, and by their eagerness to forever play within the abundant creative possibilities of the documentary genre.