Our Team


Michele Eggers Barison 10533054_958874774123920_179680515252859775_n I am interested in addressing the interrelated issues of environmental and economic exploitation, poverty, repression, and violence, which often force individuals and communities to leave their home countries. I have visually documented environmental rights abuses in Central and South America as well as coordinated speaking engagements and outreach for human rights delegations to help raise awareness about these issues. My vision of creating the Eugene Environmental Film Festival is to bring people together across geographic boundaries to address critical environmental issues facing our planet and to acknowledge the people in the struggle for environmental justice.


Sarah Cantril
Sarah grew up playing in the creek and climbing trees around her house. She has fond memories of sleeping under the stars, swimming in the Eel River and hiking in the redwoods. As an adult she has enjoyed hiking, skiing and playing on the beach in Oregon. Her deepest connection to the land developed by living in the countryside outside of Eugene and experiencing the changes of the seasons and witnessing the impact of climate change in her own garden. She is passionate about growing and preserving food for her family and founded Huerto de la Familia (The Family Garden) in order to offer Latino immigrant families the same opportunity. Most recently, Sarah taught as an adjunct professor at Pacific University in the Masters of Social Work Program.

Lisa Fragala DSC_0273 Originally, I moved to Oregon to work for the Forest Service surveying threatened and endangered species like the Marbled Murrelet and Spotted Owl. I fell in love with the woods in Oregon and grew to understand what a precious resource it is; how important it is that we protect it. Now I understand that environmental politics are deeply about social justice issues. Communities of color & indigenous communities are impacted at a much higher rate by environmental degradation and will be much more impacted by Climate change. Again as a citizen of planet Earth I feel a deep responsibility to not only protect the planet, but also to think about the people who are most impacted by what is happening. It is an honor to get to work on the Eugene Environmental Film Festival and to bring our community together around these important issues. See you at the Fest!