Open Water


Running time: 16 minutes - Language: English & Inuktitut w/English subtitles - Year: 2019

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Film Summary

Today Greenland feels to be at the centre of many different issues facing our changing world. The unspoken truth is the perfect storm of a changing climate, and the rapid encroachment of the modern age has already dramatically impacted the Arctic people – forcing them to cope with change beyond their immediate control in the present – not the future. The short film, Open Water, is a triptych narrative, based on the lives of three Greenlanders; a Hunter, a Ship’s Captain and a Fisherman, individuals whose very existence and heritage is intertwined with the Arctic Ocean.

Category: Human Rights


Dan McDougall

Based in Barcelona and Edinburgh Dan McDougall is an award-winning Scottish writer and documentary maker. He is the former Sunday Times of London Africa Correspondent and New Delhi-based South Asia Correspondent for The Observer, London, as well as a BBC Panorama Presenter. A British Foreign Correspondent of The Year, an award he has been nominated for no fewer than three times, Dan is also Media Leader at WEF, The World Economic Forum, and a regular International Speaker on Human Rights. To date, Dan has won four Amnesty International Awards for Outstanding Human Rights Journalism, and he is a Martha Gellhorn Prize Nominee for War Reporting. In his career Dan has reported overtly and covertly from over 120 countries including some of the most hostile environments in the world including: Somalia,Yemen, Liberia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the DRC, Burma, Zimbabwe, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda,The Sudan,The Sahel, Sri Lanka and the Palestinian West Bank.