Nibi Eteg: Where the Water Is

India & United States

Running time: 25 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2018

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Film Summary

A documentary on the spiritual and cultural significance individuals have with water. The two stories the team chose to parallel were from the perspectives of Hindu individuals in India and the band of Chippewa Native Americans in Red Lake, Minnesota. Both of these stories explored the connection people share with water, either by religious or cultural practice. Throughout the film, we identified the presence of a gap within American ties to water. The gap, we learned, is not a failure in forming a connection, nor understanding the significance of water, but that individuals struggle to perceive the connection they have with water. In failing to form connection, we succeed at forming apathy towards the water we survive by. [Student Film]

Category: Natural Environment


Directors - Brennan Lafeber, Grace Lindquist