Mothers Out Front: Mobilizing For Bold Climate Action

United States

Running time: 6 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2019

Film Summary

Founded in 2013 by Kelsey Wirth, Mothers Out Front uses a proven model of grassroots organizing to combat climate change. Unable to sit idly by while her daughters stood to inherit an increasingly poisoned planet, Wirth organized meetings in her home with other moms in her Massachusetts neighborhood. What started there has grown into a 33,000-strong force, with more than 45 mother-led teams driving change in 10 states, with more states on the horizon. Mothers Out Front is able to reach everyday families who have the most at stake – the future of their children.

Category: Activism/Resistance


Benjamin Henretig

Benjamin is an award-winning filmmaker and musician based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a Director, Benjamin has been humbled to capture the stories of everyday heroes in the slums of Haiti, India, and South Africa, as well as icons & visionaries like Imogen Heap,  Dalai Llama & the Prime Minister of Bhutan, all with the same intention –  to unearth authentic and inspiring stories that transform our lives and the world


Adam Warmington

Adam Warmington is a documentary filmmaker, specializing in human-powered storytelling. His work aims to connect the viewer to an authentic experience, to make them laugh, cry or both. Adam lives in a redwood grove in Northern California with his wife and 2 kids

Mothers Out Front

As moms, we know that in order for our kids to inherit a livable climate and prosperous future, we need to get involved.  Our vote is our voice. Decision-makers from our local Mayors and School Board Members to our state Governors, to those we send to Congress and the White House, all have a crucial say in how we tackle the climate emergency. 

Join us and lets #VoteLikeAMom this November: