Into the Blue: The Wonders of the Coral Triangle


Running time: 50 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2021

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For two years, the award-winning Spanish underwater cameraman, Álex del Olmo, has travelled around the Coral Triangle, filming the marine fauna and the vast array of coral that inhabits the spectacular reefs of this area, the true lung of our planet. With a neat 4K image, the 8 episodes of the series cover places such as the Forgotten Islands, Raja Ampat, Komodo, Bali, Triton Bay, Flores, among others, to show in detail dozens of species of fish and crustaceans, captured with macro lenses. The Coral Triangle is a tropical area located in the Pacific Ocean, where Southeast Asia (China Sea) and Oceania meet. It is the place with the most marine biodiversity of the planet: 76% of all known coral species in the world, six of the seven existing species of marine turtles and more than 2,000 species of coral reef fishes live there. It has earned the nickname of “the Amazon of the sea”. It includes 18,500 islands of which only some are inhabited. This area is in serious extinction risk for the human action and the climate change. We are in time to protect it.

Category: Wildlife


Robert Fonollosa

Former sports journalist and TV Host, Robert Fonollosa came to Press Director of the Olympic Stadium during the Olympic Games in Barcelona 92. He later became deputy director of communication for Antena 3 TV, before becoming an independent producer. Since 1995, he has created, adapted and produced more than 50 shows on all Spanish TV channels, in addition to producing 2 films. In recent years he has focused his work on documentary series on wildlife, nature and history, such as “Into the Blue”, “Castles: Secrets, Mysteries and Legends”, “Shipwrecks” and “The Lord of the Forests “. He has been awarded the “Pica d’Estats” award for the best documentary, the “Atlantide 2019” Award for the best submarine program and the “University of Nebrija” award for the best documentary series.

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