Grass Farmers


Running time: 18 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

Film Summary

Did you know that it’s possible for cattle production to be green? Like, green, green? As in, carbon sink green? It’s a pretty simple concept called regenerative agriculture that involves making soil health a top priority. Because healthier soils means healthier grass, healthier cattle and ultimately a much healthier earth.

“At no time in history have we been more effective at at producing calories on a small amount of land … but we’re now realizing that there are some consequences we didn’t foresee.”  –Dr. Sean Smukler PhD, UBC

Category: Conservation


Chad Galloway

For the past 10 years, Chad Galloway has been the key creative behind Trail Films; a client-focused creative studio specializing in commercial, corporate and socially-beneficial documentary storytelling. His work has taken him into the Canadian arctic, up the Mayan coffee mountains of Chiapas, Mexico and deep into the backstreets of Kampala, Uganda; crafting authentic, cinematic portraits of people and their communities.

His work has screened internationally, winning a number awards including Best Documentary and Best Director. His recent documentary, Sadika’s Garden is currently airing on both the CBC and Knowledge Network.

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