Gitxsan: Our Land, Our Culture, Our Laws


Running time: 18 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

Film Summary

Gitxsan: Our Land, Our Culture, Our Laws takes viewers on a journey deep into the unneeded land of the Gitxsan people to uncover their traditional laws and protocols that stand strong today.

Category: Indigenous Rights


Farhan Umedaly

Farhan Umedaly is an award-winning filmmaker best known for his films about social causes.
Farhan has a background in neurobiology and has worked as a consultant for renewable energy developments before establishing VoVo Productions in 2009. The original focus of the company was to produce videos that enable clean-tech and renewable energy companies to realize their business objectives. Since then, VoVo Productions has diversified, having produced more than 200 promotional videos and commercials for leading companies and non-profits such as the David Suzuki Foundation to help create positive change. Farhan works alongside groups such as ISSofBC, Vancouver Foundation, and Access to Media and Education Society to provide mentorship in filmmaking to marginalized communities such as Syrian refugees and indigenous communities. He is best known for his indigenous focused documentaries – ‘A Last Stand for Lelu’, and more recently ‘The Sun on Top of the House’. He recently was a Producer, Assistant Director and Director of Photography for the acclaimed Hollywood feature ‘Best F(r)iends’ which was recently purchased by Lionsgate Films. In 2017, founded the Empowered Filmmaker Masterclass which has trained more than 200+ indigenous participants to be self-sufficient filmmakers. He is also an instructor at Simon Fraser University within the Beedie School of Business and a guest lecturer on the topic of Human Rights – International Studies program.

The son of refugees to Canada from Uganda, Farhan is committed to building alliances with indigenous communities through providing professional training and mentorship in filmmaking – an area of great opportunity as well as a powerful tool to give voices to those who have important stories to tell.