Gamechangers: The Football Team Scoring Conservation Goals


Running time: 9 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

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Film Summary

Gamechangers is the story of the Ghanaian football team who committed to saving sea turtles in Ghana. The first step is to address the issues in their own community in Gomoa Fetteh – a coastal town in the Central Region of Ghana. But accomplishing this task is far from easy. Gomoa Fetteh’s community has relied on sea turtles as a source of food and income for generations. Rampant illegal fishing and collapsing fish populations have only added more pressure on declining species. With fishers’ catches plummeting, turtles are now killed and sold to supplement what fishing can no longer provide. As a result, even though Ghanaian law protects sea turtles, their numbers continue to decline – only three of six species that once nested on Ghana’s beaches are still routinely seen today. The football team, led by their coach Daniel, is well aware of these challenges. In the close knit community in Gomoa Fetteh, sea turtle patrollers and poachers are often linked by family ties. The team’s only way forward is through dialogue with the wider community. But as passionate football players, they know what it takes to achieve their goals.

Category: Conservation


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