Food Justice


Francesco DeAugustinis, Director, Deforestation Made in Italy

Francesco De Augustinis is a freelance journalist. He authored video enquiries about sustainability on many international media, such as, Repubblica TV (Italy), RSI (Switzerland) or the digital edition of The Telegraph (UK). He worked as film director and producer for the documentary “Il tabacco che uccide senza fumarlo” (Killed by Tobacco Farming), winner of the 1st Roberto Morrione Award for TV enquiries (2012) and screened at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2012 in Toronto.

Deforestation Made in Italy follows the big cargo ships that cross the Ocean, transporting illegal timber, beef, leather and soy to Europe and to Italy. Francesco will discuss the connection to deforestation and food production, an issue he is currently working on (see: One Earth –

Karen Buchsbaum & Koorosh Farchadi, Directors, Harvests of Hope 

After years of researching, teaching and advocacy, Karen grew tired of being inundated with disempowering and hopeless messages about our broken food system, and the future of the planet. She set out to find a real reason for hope, and that’s how the idea of Harvests of Hope was born. Koorosh is a video freelancer in the educational, private, and governmental sectors for various institutions.  He began work for the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a video producer in 2015.  Highlights of his time there include working on the Event Horizon Telescope black hole image press release, the LIGO live webcasts and announcement coordination, and curating over 70 hours of programming aired by over 350 broadcast stations nationwide. Their focus for this panel discussion is on climate change and the impact on food systems.

Katharina Stieffenofer, Director, From Seed to Seed

Katharina Stieffenhofer is a Winnipeg documentary filmmaker with a passion for ecological agriculture, healthy communities, and social justice. Her love of Nature and appreciation of farmers is rooted in her childhood & youth growing up on a mixed family farm on a Rhine island in Germany and expanded when her parents immigrated to Canada to become grain farmers in Southern Manitoba. She will discuss the importance of local, ecological food production and Farmer Participatory Plant Breeding towards greater food security/sovereignty in light of the Climate Crisis, improved organic crop production and farmers’ rights. These topics are among the multiple Food & Agriculture related topics my film, FROM SEED TO SEED, represents.