Eyes in the Forest

Columbia & United States

Running time: 19 minutes - Language: English & Spanish w/English subtitles - Year: 2019

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Film Summary

Post-conflict deforestation is skyrocketing in Colombia. Today the country is losing approximately 32 soccer fields of virgin forest every hour. Eyes in the Forest follows an expedition into these contested territories with Angélica Diaz-Pulido, a camera trap expert from Instituto Humboldt and Jorge Ahumada, Director of Wildlife Insights, a revolutionary new platform for analyzing camera trap data. Angélica and the Wildlife Insights team are racing against the dark forces behind Colombia’s deforestation to understand and protect the country’s incredible biodiversity— before it is too late.

Category: Wildlife


Ryan Ffrench

Ryan Ffrench is a documentary filmmaker from Melbourne Australia, currently based in Portland, OR. He works with scientists and conservation groups to communicate the realities of our changing planet.

It was terrifying and humbling to experience firsthand the current wave of deforestation in the Amazon. UN Senior Fellow Tom Lovejoy says current deforestation rates are edging the Amazon dangerously close to a “tipping point”— a line in the sand which if crossed could trigger the collapse of the ecosystem’s ability to sustain its hydrological cycle. The recent media attention after the fires in Brazil demonstrate an increasingly conscious of the importance of the Amazon, but “increased awareness” is not enough. Something has to be done, and soon.