Dragon Blood


Running time: 18 minutes - Language: English & Arabic w/English subtitles - Year: 2019

Official Trailer

Film Summary

“An unforgettable adventure, seeking for natural beauty in a warzone.” Professional nature photographer Marsel van Oosten wants to travel to Socotra: an isolated island located southeast of Yemen. The island is so isolated that many of the plant species there are nowhere else to be found on Earth. And one of those unique species is the endangered dragon blood tree: a prehistoric umbrella-shaped tree which is endemic to Socotra. Due to the armed conflicts, it has been impossible to visit the island for many years. Marsel van Oosten finds an opportunity and travels to Yemen in search for the picture-perfect dragon blood tree.

Category: Outdoor Adventure


Awi Rabelista

After finishing his film studies in Portsmouth (United Kingdom), Awi specialized himself in filming in remote and wilderness environments. Not everyone can travel to the hidden corners of planet earth. Someone has to tell the untold stories of Mother Nature.

His interest in exploring the natural world and love for animals is one of his biggest motivations to create adventure and nature films. He aims to reconnect people with nature through his stories.