Djibril’s Forest

Burkina Faso, Senegal

Running time: 40 minutes - Language: w/English subtitles - Year: 2020

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Film Summary

Djibril is a young Sahelian sheperd who travels far to find the forest his grandfather told him so much about. He pays a high price. He is betrayed and abused only to realise that this forest no longer exists. But then his father comes to his aid.

Category: Conservation [Narrative]


Thomas Ceulemans

Thomas Ceulemans works both as a documentary filmmaker and as a film director. As he already filmed several human interest documentaries in countries like Tanzania, Myanmar, Brazil, Ghana, Honduras and even Papua New Guinea, the non-fiction world no longer has any secrets for him. In the world of fiction films, his experience ranges from the making of exceptional short films, video clips and even a feature animation film. For his most recent project – “La Forêt de Djibril”, he collaborated with the Burkinabese organization ‘Hommes et Terre’. This resulted in a captivating short film about the problem of desertification in West Africa.

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