United States

Running time: 12 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

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Film Summary

Decision is the story of wild Alaska shorelines, a remote lighthouse and the ongoing problem of marine debris. The scenery is magnificent and the kayaking is superb, while the message about our addiction to plastic and its effects on the environment come through in every shot. This short film can transport you to pristine southeast Alaska waters, bringing you along on a paddling journey with whales, sea lions and otter, and still show you the realities of wilderness beaches choked with plastic debris and the volunteers working to clean them up.

Category: Conservation


Beau Gaughran

Beau Gaughran is a 28-year old filmmaker currently living on the Maine Coast. He started shooting this film about three years ago and over the course of two separate trips to Alaska with a great crew. He learned a ton in the process and looking back on it he can’t help but think of what he would have done differently, but that just gets me excited for the next one. He loves telling stories about people with deep connections to the environment and he wants to keep that going as I progress as a filmmaker – as he states, “the power of environmental stories is becoming more and more important!”

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