Congo's Call of the Wild

Democratic Republic of Congo

Running time: 60 minutes - Language: English & French w/English subtitles - Year: 2019

Official Trailer

Film Summary

Congo’s Call of the Wild documents the rich fauna and flora of Africa’s largest rainforest, Salonga National Park, and its anti-poaching enforcement and community conservation efforts. In an age when zoonotic diseases have paralyzed the planet, this film examines an outbreak threatening our closest primate relatives in the Malebo community forest reserve. Biologists and community leaders are trying to stop bushmeat hunters from inadvertently spreading human diseases in one of the bonobos’ last safe haven.

Category: Wildlife


Abedi Mohamed Jumping

Abedi Mohamed Jumping is a Congolese photographer, DP and director. He began making films in Goma, DRC with the local Yole Africa Cultural Center. He now works as a full time filmmaker and photographer in Kinshasa at Est Ouest Production and is thankful for the opportunity to alert the world about Congo’s endangered wildlife.


Emmanuel Katya Vinywasiki

Emmanuel Katya Vinywasiki is a Congolese artist and filmmaker currently working as the media manager for the Virunga National Parc, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  He was the location manager and second cameraman on the Oscar nominated documentary, Virunga,  Nature conservation is his profession and passion.