Climb it Change

United States

Running time: 20 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

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Film Summary

Climb it Change is a personal story of an alpine climber witnessing the degradation of the mountain environment and searching for ways of engaging with activism. The film is an effort to communicate the issue of climate change and give hope that a better world is possible. Alpine climbing has become more dangerous in recent years. Retreating glaciers, frequent rockfalls caused by melting ice and rapid changes in weather patterns are a few examples of the dynamics clearly visible to alpine mountaineers, mountain guides and rescuers. These changes are just a part of the global phenomenon visible around the world. Frequent extreme weather events, increased sea levels and climate refugee migration are a few of the most imminent threats to our civilization caused by climate change on a global scale. Data visualization, animations and VFX are used to illustrate the scale of the problem. This film is an effort to empower viewers and give hope that change is possible. Individuals coming together in activism and climate positive behaviours are a critical part of the solution.

Category: Natural Environment


Jan Masny

Jan Masny has been a creative photographer for the last 20 years. Having long been fascinated by polarities and contrasts of meaning, his ability to extract often unexpected aspects from his subjects gives a freshness and depth to his work. Beginning with the practice of the black and white analogue photography and darkroom experiments in his native Poland, his passion for finding unique ways of expression quickly developed in London whilst working in the advertising and fashion industries, before evolving in the last decade to moving image, where his knowledge of photographic film processes enhanced his ability to achieve visual effects using analogue methods in filming. A Masters in Moving Image from Ravensbourne University with new methods of expression in CGI and digital VFX now allows him to translate his photographic experience to the digital realm. Because of his passion for mountain climbing, his personal work is focused on filming outdoor adventures. His 2012 film “Todra Gorge” made the Official Selection in the XVIII Mountain Film Festival of A. Zawada in Ladek Zdroj, and won 2nd Award in “Oddalenia” Short Film Festival in Dublin.

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