Cascadia Wildlands

panel discussion

Saturday October 3rd - 1:00pm to 2:00pm PST

Voices from the Umpqua Panel will be a discussion on the “Voices from the Umpqua” film, what the recent wildfires mean for the beloved region, the implications of wildfires on timber sales more broadly, and what we can do moving forward in an ever changing climate. Experts in the field will also weigh in on the ecology of Cascadia’s fire-adapted forests, the nuances of wildfire, and bust common myths and misunderstandings used to promote industrial logging that undermines forest health.  Cascadia Wildlands staff members past and present will moderate this 4 person panel.


Francis Eatherington has lived and worked in the forests of western Oregon all her adult life and was a forestry worker for 20 years before working as the Conservation Director for Umpqua Watersheds, and then Umpqua Regional Director for Cascadia Wildlands. Francis continues her life-long activist work independently and as a contract worker for Cascadia Wildlands and other regional organization allies.


Anne Doresey

Anne Dorsey is one of the residents highlighted in the film “Voices from the Umpqua”. She is a homeowner and advocate whose backyard forest would be directly impacted by the Umpqua Sweets Roseburg BLM timber sale, which proposes to log 2,000 acres of public forests above the emerald waters of the North Umpqua River.

Dylan Plummer

Dylan Plummer is the Grassroots Organizer for Cascadia Wildlands. He has been organizing in the environmental movement for most of his adult life, working on campaigns at both the local and national level in a variety of different capacities to fight against the construction of fossil fuel infrastructure and the industrial timber practices leveling the forests of Cascadia. Before joining the staff of Cascadia Wildlands in spring 2020, Dylan was a key member of Cascadia Wildlands’ WildCAT volunteers for several years.