Can the Blueback Survive?

United States

Running time: 11 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

Film Summary

Members of the Quinault Indian Nation relied on the blueback salmon for as long as they can remember – until they couldn’t. The Quinault Division of Natural Resources has been fighting for decades to recover the iconic fish from habitat degradation, but now finds itself at ground zero for the environmental impacts of climate change. Can the Blueback Survive? tells the stories of Quinault tribal fisherman Butch Pope, policy representative Ed Johnstone and President Fawn Sharp, who all grew up eating blueback salmon.

Category: Natural Resources & Indigenous Rights

The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission partnered with the filmmakers at North 40 Productions to tell the stories of the Northwest Treaty Tribes who co-manage natural resources in western Washington.

NWIFC is a natural resources management support service organization for 20 treaty Indian tribes in western Washington. It was created following the 1974 U.S. v. Washington ruling (Boldt decision) that reaffirmed the tribes’ treaty-reserved fishing rights. The ruling recognized them as natural resources co-managers with the state of Washington.