Bringing It Home

United States

Running time: 12 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2019

Film Summary

Bringing It Home follows Tyrhee Moore, mountaineer, outdoor education advocate, and found of Soul Trak, as he tells the story of his connection to the outdoors that was fostered at a young age. Born and raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods in South East Washington, D.C., Moore still resides in the area and passionately dedicates his time to inspire and educate urban youth about the power and accessibility of the outdoors.

Category: Outdoor Adventure & Education


Scott Briscoe

“Somewhere along the lines in working on this project, we came across a photo of a young Tyrhee on top of some high peak . . . his arms open wide and ready and smile even wider and welcoming to any challenge in front of him. In the simplicity of that still image one can see the hard work, the desire, the joy and all the passions of a true leader. Those innate leadership qualities in Tyrhee are part of what made this film such a wonder to work on. I hope that all people who don’t see themselves represented in outdoor spaces can see through this film that people who look like them, come from similar neighborhoods as them or have the same experiences are outside . . . outside climbing, biking, hiking, running, paddling, recreating or fighting to protect natural spaces. It is the amplification of great leaders like Tyrhee that will inspire the next generation to fall in love with outdoor spaces and continue to protect them for all of us.”


James "Q" Martin

“To be a part of ‘Bringing It Home’ was truly an amazing experience and I feel like it is one of the most important films I have ever been a part of. Tyrhee Moore’s story is unique and inspiring. The fact that Tyrhee could live anywhere in the world he wants to yet chooses to bring it back to his community in DC speaks volumes to his uniqueness and his special story. I was truly honored to be a part of the film and to work with Merrell, Baselayer, and Scott Briscoe co-directing this film, which will hopefully bring more awareness to underserved communities worldwide.”