Beyond Borders

Bangladesh, Germany, Jordan, Sweden, United Kingdom

Running time: 25 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2020

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Film Summary

Across the planet, lives are changing as climate collapse alters the world around us. The worst impacts are being felt disproportionately by poor people who already live under precarious conditions and are now forced to adapt or relocate to survive. As a result, one person every 1.3 seconds leaves their home and their community due to climate-related impacts. Bitterly, their stories rarely reach the global community. But hearing them is crucial for us all. Only by grasping the scope of the climate breakdown and understanding the personal implications of this collective tragedy, can we propose solutions that are both effective and just. “Beyond Borders” profiles the people behind the statistics by providing the space for the stories of global heating witnesses from the Arctic to Bangladesh. It also features politicians and academics who help understand the complex link between the climate breakdown, international migration and violent conflict.

Category: Climate Justice


The Environmental Justice Foundation

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is a UK-based non-profit organisation working with and for those on the frontlines of environmental destruction to investigate, document and expose environmental and human rights abuses.  By producing reports, investigations and films, EJF targets decision-makers and works to change laws and policies. Through bespoke training and community support, EJF also helps to build local capacity and give a voice to new environmental defenders, strengthening the global call for change.

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