An Infinite Scream

Germany, Namibia

Running time: 45 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2015

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Film Summary

Thousands of thorns arranged into traps in the blistering desert heat? Black rubbish bag roses planted between dunes or half a ton of salt poured into six huge circles? Concerned about the ever-increasing uranium mining in Namibia a local artist sets out to give the Namib Desert a voice: An Infinite Scream.  The land art installations of Imke Rust address the worrying destruction of the Namib Desert in exciting and sensible ways.  Shot in Namibia and Berlin, the film reflects the often meditative creation processes of her art and introduces us to the personality of this courageous artist working in a rather conservative environment. 

Category: Resistance/Activism


Steffen Holzkamp

Steffen Holzkamp lives as editor, musician and video producer north of Berlin. Born in West Berlin, he mingled as keyboarder in the colourful eighties Berlin music scene. Following jobs as camera assistant he started to work at the Deutsche Welle in the mid-nineties, specializing as television editor. Together with his wife, the Namibian-German artist Imke Rust, Holzkamp produces art videos inspired or based on land art installations and performances.

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