After Ice


Running time: 12 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2021

Film Summary

Glaciers show us undeniable evidence that climate changes are happening and that human beings are transforming Earth’s systems. They reflect our past and reveal our future. Four years in the making, this intimate short combines historical and current-day aerial views of six outlet glaciers in the Hornafjörður region of Southeast Iceland, exposing a rapidly disappearing frozen world. If the climate crisis remains an invisible threat elsewhere in the world, here it is writ large across the landscape. These glaciers show us how what happens to ice happens to us.

Category: Natural Environment


Kieran Baxter

Kieran Baxter is a filmmaker and lecturer in communication design at University of Dundee, Scotland, with a fascination for how media can be used creatively to better communicate science. His PhD project ‘The Caterthuns’ explored short film as a means of landscape heritage visualisation and received the 2016 AHRC Research in Film doctoral award. His current work investigates how anthropogenically accelerated glacier melt can be made visible to public audiences using creative media practices in close collaboration with the scientific community.

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