A Community Fighting


Running time: 5 minutes - Language: English - Year: 2021

Film Summary

As news percolated around Cork Harbour, concern and opposition, evident from the outset, consolidated, galvanised and continued to go from strength to strength over the course of the years that saw a community stuck in a battle that they didn’t invite. The campaign, at the time of completion of this film, is still ongoing. This film is a visual representation of the time that has passed – from protests, to fundraisers, to court battles, at the heart of it a community subject to much struggle. However, they have not let that stop them and have truly shown the strength in numbers and staying power.

Category: Resistance/Activism


Zoë FitzPatrick

Zoë FitzPatrick is a short film and documentary writer-director, and has most recently shot music videos for Late Night Rambler and Troubadour Distillery, Cork. She has also worked as both an in house and freelance videographer before completing her degree at Screen and Film School, Brighton. In her spare time she can be found knitting, watching documentaries or anywhere near the water.

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